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9 kinds of lure the hook method
Published time:[2010-3-11 9:32:55]   Vistor[37920]
Our company is a well-known Shandong main  lure company, the company's lure in the same industry is very famous, here is a brief introduction about nine kinds of lure the hook, in the hope of help to you.

1, earthworms hook Methods: earthworm link and clothes hanging tube, winding hanging, waist hanging, hanging section, tail hanging and so on.

Second, the hook of live maggots Methods: The hook of live maggots into tail hanging, wearing tube hanging, winding peg peg heap.

3, pink lure the hook method: using gray-pink lure for lure hook, etc. belonging to the soft lure, plasticity relatively large, mainly divided into: m-shaped lure, bean-shaped lure, lure jujube-shaped, pear lure ball lure , pull lure  and so on.
 M-shaped lure: The gray surface water and wetlands into a group, linked to Gou Jian shape into the size of a grain of rice, mainly for fishing in shallow water or muddy water in a small carp and so on.

4, granular lure the hook method: particle bait is a hard lure, mainly divided into two kinds of extruded lure and mechanisms, including a round body and cuboid Gui majority.
Granular lure hook, there is a single lurehanging, double hanging lure, lure hanging string, Pai lure hanging pegs France.

5, grass lure the hook method: grass feeding is a prime lure  there is grass, straw, leaves, leaves and other lure. lure the hook method of grass mainly into the sky, winding peg hanging, and bundled, primary and not to fish grass carp and bream.

6, seed lure the hook method: seed lure is also a prime bait, mainly maize grain, a rice, dates, categories, mulberry and so on, it can only catch a tame fish seed, with seed bait hook is divided into: direct attached, block-cut link Pinch group pegs.

7, Insect lure the hook method: bait is a dirty lure  insects, small animals, bait, mainly budworm, cockroaches, grasshoppers and the like.

8, fish and shrimp bait hook method: a fishy lure fish lure  mainly small fish, small loach, raw shrimps and so on.

9, meat lure hook method: a fishy meat bait bait bait has smell of mutton, liver, chicken livers as bait fishy beef bait for the smell of mutton.

These are the nine kinds of bait hook methods brief introduction of our company sincerely hope to cooperate with you, the above reference the contents of the exchange, if there are any problems, welcome to inquire, select the bait, we would be your ideal choice!
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